Book Number Two Has Arrived.

Wham.  Opened my e-mail folder this morning and had a raft of e-mails (a gaggle?) either congratulating me on the arrival of the second book or yelling at me because I hadn't informed my friends that it was coming today.  I didn't know either.  I was working with April 1st as a delivery date.  

I headed to Amazon and there it was:  "In Stock". 
You can find it here: Kirk's Second Book.

If you live in Austin, Texas you can probably find a copy at the world's greatest camera store: Precision Camera and Video.  They try to keep all the cool photo books in stock, just in case.....

The book looks great.  I'm so happy to be working with professional designers and editors because they always make me look a couple dozen IQ points smarter and keep me from trying to put five or six different type styles on a page.....

If you are not a photographer don't bother buying the book.  You'll just get bored.  If you are a photographer or know one, are married to one, raising one, etc. you might want to grab them a copy as it will provide one person's version of lighting (described with good humor) and will keep my 13 year old in track shoes......

This is my second one to see the light of day and I enjoy the process more and more.  In many ways it's like being asked to dump all the stuff I've learned in the past 25 years onto a pile on the ground and then arrange it in a meaningful way.  Problem is there's way too much stuff crammed in the brain and not nearly enough room in 128 pages to parse it.  

That being the case, each book acts as an installment and it is through the graces of my publisher, Amherst Media, that it is somewhat organized and coherent.  But there are many volumes to go.  This is the second installment of five planned books.  

Look, we're all friends here so if you find something in the book that needs to be fixed, or something that you think I need to cover more, drop me a line at Kirktuck@kirktuck.com and let's talk about it.  It might make for a great future blog.

If you buy the book I hope you really like it.  If you buy it in Austin say "hello" to the folks at Precision Camera and Video for me.  If you buy it at Amazon I'll always appreciate a nice review.  If you hate the book you are probably too busy to review it so I'll understand. :-)

Thank you to everyone who helped out, posed, suggested, nagged or otherwise made this possible.  Next blog will be back to my usual cynical self.