The five minute portrait. Just checking in.

This is my kid, Ben.  I'm blessed to have such a good kid.  I had some lights set up in the studio from my photo session with Alexis, last friday.  I walked past Ben's bedroom on my way out of the house and out to the studio and I was amazed at how much he'd grown.  I was also amazed that he was sitting on his bed studying his Spanish.

I asked him to come with me to the studio and spend just a few minutes sitting for a portrait.  I wanted to see how the light looked and I wanted to see if my memory of the Kodak SLR/n having better skin tones (by far) than my new Canon 5D mk 2 was just optimistic or if the Kodak really is a better portrait camera.  It is.  I also wanted to photograph one more subject before I tore down the lights and got ready for the upcoming work week.

To light this I'm using one gigantic 84 inch Lastolite umbrella with shoot thru diffuser on the front.  It's firing through a 6 foot by 6 foot diffusion silk that about five feet from Ben.  The background is lit by a little light in a small softbox five feet from the canvas background.  I'm using various black flags to prevent to  much "fill/spill" from hitting the shadow side of Ben's face.  This took, literally, five minutes and 20 frames.  I'm happy with the look.

I'm using a Kodak SLR/n with a 135mm f2.8 Nikon lens (MF) that I picked up last year for $60.  The light for both sources was from the Elinchrome Ranger RX.   The file is a conversion from raw with no levels or color controls.  I love the flesh tones.  That was my question.  I love that my kid dropped his book and followed me to the studio without a moment's hesitation.  Life is good.