Take me to the river.

Leica R5.  180mm Elmarit 2.8.  Tri-X.  Pedernales State Park.

Notes for photographers:  Time spent Tweeting is time lost  for photographing.

Time spent retouching is time lost photographing.  Time spent researching equipment is time lost for photographing.

Time spent measuring performance is time lost for photographing.

Time spent talking about gear is time lost for talking to subjects.

Fall in love with your subject.  Then you have a reason to photograph.  Fall in love with the process of photographing and you're short changing your subject.

Use alternative processes if they are really what your vision is all about.  Learning lots of alternative processes?  You're just bored.  See:  Fall in love with your subject.

Two thumbs up for my friend AM (anonymity requested).  I saw his book last week and was stunned at how good his interior architectural work and wide angle landscape work is.  Rare for me to like photos without people.  AM pulled it off well.  Also told me he uses HDR......I didn't believe it.  He uses it in the service of his vision and not the other way around.  And he does it with such a skillful approach I couldn't see his hands on the button.  Here's a link:   http://www.mostlyfotos.com/  And here's a shortcut to the architectural stuff I liked: http://www.mostlyfotos.com/search/label/Architecture

AM changed my jaded perspective on HDR.  I no longer think that all of it looks like Technicolor Vomit.  And I'm also amazed that the stuff I liked so much was shot on a Sony Nex-5 with a 16mm lens...  Great Job.