Random Portraits.

Renae G. Hblad.  150mm.  Film.

Renee Zellweger.  Canon film camera.  135mm soft focus lens (Canon) Panatomic X

Sweetish Hill Bakery.  Mamiya 6 with 75mm lens.  Tri-X

Kinky Friedman.  Writer.  Musician.  Perennial Gubernatorial candidate.  Hblad.  Film.  150mm.

Mike Hicks.  Brilliant designer.  Leaf 7afi 40 megapixel camera.  Schneider 180mm f2.8 lens.

Renee Zellweger. Pentax 645.  120mm lens.  Tri-X.  

Belinda.  Canon TX film camera.  Bulk loaded Tri-X.  Canon 135mm 3.5 lens

Mousumi.  Hblad.  180mm f4.  Tri-X.  

David Yarritu.  Yashica TLR.  Tri-X or equivalent. 

Rene N.  Leica R8.  90mm Summicron.  Agfa APX 100.  Scanned from a print.

Renae G.  Leica R8.  80mm Summilux.  Black and white film.

Rene N.  Leica R8.  90mm Summicron.  Agfa APX 100.  Scanned from a print.

At the Mean Eyed Cat Bar.  Nikon D700.  85mm 1.8.

Ben.  Olympus EPL-1.  In b&w mode.

Renae G.  Hblad Superwide.  Tri-X.  Fun stuff.

Dad.  EP-2.  60mm 1.5  b&w setting.

Sarah S.  Hblad.  150mm.   Agfapan APX 100.

Me.  With some sort of Canon contraption.  Looks like a 7D with a 15-85mm.

Old Hasselblad.  Film.  Zeiss.  Belinda.

A young Ben systematically destroys, but does not eat, a cheese danish from Sweetish Hill Bakery.

Fuji 6x9 cm rangefinder camera.  Kodak T-max 400 CN film.  Scanned.

Lots of cameras.