Croissant and Female Hand.

from the bakery series. Croissant and Female Hand.

Rolleiflex 6008i
150mm Lens.
film: Agfapan APX 25
lighting: Profoto

Why: Just for fun.

Bravo. DP Review finally reviewed one of the best values in a DSLR. Or should I say DSLT?....it's a Sony.

I know I can sound like a broken record when I get all infatuated with a camera but today I'm reprising my assessments of the Sony a57 only to commemorate the day that DP Review finally got around to recognizing what a very good camera this one is for well under $800...with a lens.

DPreviews assessment of high ISO performance, handling and image quality is so close to what I wrote many months ago that they could have just directed their readers to the series of experiential reviews I wrote and saved themselves the time and money. :-)

In case you missed the Visual Science Lab rambling reviews of this camera you can find them at these links:

Verbose and in-depth.  That's the way we do it here.  But we also get to the really important cameras first... (tongue in cheek, implied).

So, skip Photokina and just pick up an a57....

Untitled still from a recent photo assignment.

Taken on location with a Sony a77 camera and a medium range zoom lens.

Lit with an enormous, diffused umbrella, powered by a Profoto 600B acute flash system. 

I posted this because I liked the light and wanted to remind myself to stop using too much fill.