Square crops in camera...

...are an aid to good portrait composition. The Olympus cameras all have the ability to crop square. So do the new Samsung NX cameras. Makes me wonder why Sony didn't add that little fifty cent bit of firmware to their cameras. It certainly would have made me happier.

Olympus EP-3 with the 45mm lens.


South Beach Miami. 2001. Is that film? You bet.

Taking a break.

I finally got in the pool this morning for a swim workout with my masters team. God, it felt good! I chose a slower lane today and it was nice to swim almost recreationally. When I got back from my trip it seemed like there was so much to schedule and take care of. We have a video shoot here in the office most of the day tomorrow and I'm trying to collaborate with my editor and get what he needs to piece the project together. I had a nice lunch meeting with one of my favorite creative directors today and I'm photographing my actor friend, Noellia, this Friday. Saturday and Sunday are shooting days for the season materials for Zach Theatre and next week we have two days of location portraits to shoot. Seems like September will be over before I know it.

On the 25th of September I leave for another week and go to Denver to do two more classes for my friends at Craftsy.com . I remember now, this is what a healthy economy used to feel like.

But today....I just felt like putting up a quiet photograph and cruising a little bit.

Off to clean up the studio so it sparkles tomorrow. Easier to shoot if you can actually see the floor and the table tops....

Image above taken with the Samsung Galaxy NX camera and 60mm macro.