I was so excited by the Sony A7Riii announcement, and the afterglow of the Nikon D850 announcements, that I pre-ordered something.

It's the Olympus 45 f1.2 Pro lens. I'm pretty sure it's going to be a great lens and I'm equally sure I won't be able to use it on either of the cameras in the headline.

I'm so impressed by the Olympus Pro lenses I've been buying that I'm started to consider the cameras just an accessory.

I am preparing myself to be wowed!!!

Also, an announcement. Tomorrow is my birthday. I have a job booked from 7am till 4pm, and must attend a wedding out at a ranch that starts at 5:30pm (No, I am not the photographer...). I may not have time to squeeze in a swim tomorrow, much less a blog post. I'll look around and see if our impresario, Charlie Martini, has anything in the hopper he can offer to fill the space.  tempus fugit

A gallery of ONE INCH SENSOR photographs. Just for fun. Click on them. They are happy to be large.