Another Perfect Day in Austin. Version 20,693.

I hit the pool at 8:30 today. Couldn't quite make it to the 7:30 practice since the air was chilly and the bed was so comfortable. We got a lot of yards done by 10 am and spent most of it swimming in the sunshine. Getting a good charge on my solar powered wristwatch. I've been swimming well lately. It's the result of both working on breathing and arm stroke recovery but also adding some pre-sleep visualization to my swimming. I spent about ten minutes visualizing exactly how my stroke should look and feel. It's sounds woo-woo but it seems to make a difference. You don't fix the stuff you never think about....

We had maybe three cold and cloudy days in the week so there is a lot of pent up consumer demand for sunlight and warmer temperatures. People are out biking, running, walking and soaking up the good weather day; trying to sock some extra away for the next bout of cloudy weather. 

I'm heading out the door to play with the Pentax K-1 and the crusty, used 50mm f1.4 I'm falling for. It's a lens with a history, I am sure. Now I'm writing my own stuff with it. 

I'd love to write blog about how great the new Fuji X-Pro3 camera is but only the cool kids have gotten one to review. I'd love to write comparison between the Lumix S1 and its sibling the SR1 but, again, only the cool kids get to do that without splashing out for their own versions of each. Not something I'm interested in doing in the moment.

I can write a very, very short review of the Godox V1 flash (dedicated to the Pentax): It works as well as all the other third party, dedicated TTL flashes on the market. The round diffuser looks cool and the assortment of modifiers which attach via magnets is fun and useful. The lithium battery got me through well more than 400 bounce flashes on Thursday evening and I still had lots of little bars left showing me I wasn't about to run out of power. The V1 isn't very expensive (especially compared to its nearly identical cousin, the Profoto  A1) so if you want to try one and you decide it's not exactly what you need it's not a very painful mistake. 

Nothing else seems to be calling to me, gear-wise, in the moment so I guess I'll just be boring and not write about gear for a while. Get me too close to that Panasonic Lumix 50mm f1.4 and I'll have lots to write about. Trying to keep from looking directly at one. Must be strong........