"Built for Speed."

 This is NOT an inappropriate photo. It's a photo of an inappropriate motor scooter graphic. 

It was photographed in downtown Austin a couple of days ago. In ten years people will be shocked and dismayed that people put stickers like this one on their transportation (if they aren't already). This is a record of the time we currently live in. 

Having fun being back in the work mix. Blazing away with the cameras.

 It's like we've gone from lights off to lights on. I just did my first "Zoom" call of the new year with an ad agency to discuss a multi-day project shooting wine out in the Texas Hill Country. Attitudes have changed. Everyone on the call seemed to understand that no one wants to do "laundry list" shoots anymore. The agency creatives want to create a visual story that feels authentic and believable. Bravo. We spent an hour discussing logistics but I'd already spent time directly with the C.D. discussing "look and feel." 

I spent the morning photographing a portrait on location. One of the private investment firms I work with needed a new CFO portrait and since I'd done the last six executives for their company I was at the top of their list to do the seventh. When my subject walked in we recognized each other. His wife and I created number of great projects together for Motorola; back in their Austin heydays. We spent so much time catching up with each other that we both laughed when the marketing director for the firm walked in and said, with a smile, "So you guys are already finished?" Nope. We hadn't started photographing yet. 

The fun perspective of work seems to be catching on. I lit and photographed exactly the way I wanted to. It felt great. 

The rest of the week is set aside for post producing a multi-image campaign for a specialty medical practice and retouching business portraits. Somehow it feels like we're back to normal. 

Above, on the right, is my favorite coffee cup. It's big and comfortable and it holds coffee. 

By the way. I hate Zoom calls. We should find the silver bullet which will destroy them. With everyone in the circle vaccinated it's time to toss the "virtual" meeting crap and sit across the table for more face-to-face stuff. We're only a few miles from each other; it's not like I'm in New York and the agency is in San Francisco.... gimme a break.