Another profile article. Just in time for Father's Day. But you already know what's in the article...


My "Dad Credentials." 
Early version of Ben.

The nice people at Precision Camera asked if they could interview me. Who turns down free press? It's a re-hash of stuff you've probably read from me before but I thought it was nice of them to give me yet another soapbox for opinions. It's nice.

Added: Michael Matthews wrote a comment below to let me know that Malaysian photographer, Robin Wong, posted a video podcast about various subject but led off with a presentation of two photographers who inspire him. Guess who he picked as his first up? Yep. Moi. Must be my day to shine!!!

The intro starts around 1:30 and the portion about me starts at 2:36. I've always admired Robin's street photography and I'm blushing because of the really nice things he shares here. 

Thanks Robin!!! 

Happy Father's Day!

 Reflecting back on the whole process of being a father I have to say with emphatic enthusiasm: I'm so glad I didn't miss out on this. Being a father is probably the only really meaningful thing I've pursued in my otherwise self-indulgent, adult life. 

I never made a vast fortune---but I never missed one of the boy's swim meets, track meets, karate lessons, teacher conferences, or opportunities to be the volunteer photographer for his classes. I never solved the riddle of being famous or adored --- but I was there for emergencies like the two broken arms (both happened at school and in both situations I cancelled photoshoots shoot in mid-session, rushed to the school, provided first aid and then got the kid to a hospital; I waited to faint until he was in recovery). I never got that Nobel Prize in Physics/Poetry but I did help my kid master all his math classes and encouraged him to read the classics. I never got around to buying that Porsche, Bentley, Aston Martin, sailboat, etc. but I did save money every month from the time the kid was still in diapers so I could pay for his four (highly successful) years at a great, private college. My kid never went hungry, never missed a dentist appointment, never got left out of any program because it was too expensive. Never went without running shoes. 

I was feeling pretty good about Father's Day today. I wondered how I got to be a halfway decent father. And then I remembered just how good a mentor I had for most of my life. My own dad never missed a step, never complained about getting up at 5 am every weekday morning to get me to swim practice, was never too busy to listen, never bought anything fancy till all three of his kids graduated from top universities, which he paid for in full. And he loved my mom for his entire grown up life.  I learned from the best. I'm so appreciative.