First Frames with the Panasonic Lumix 50mm f1.8 S lens.


Belinda is raising small tomatoes. She picked a few last night, washed them and put them on a dish towel to dry off. I was the first of the family into the kitchen this morning and I looked at the early morning light coming through the window and playing across the tomatoes and thought the scene would make a nice photograph. The camera was sitting on the dining room table just waiting for me to pick it up. It was equipped with the new lens. I leaned in toward the tomatoes until I hit the minimum close focusing distance and clicked the shutter with the aperture set wide open. I liked what I saw. And.....I used the profile I wrote about yesterday for the image. It made a good starting point...

Here are a few more images from the combination of the Leica SL and the Panasonic 50mm f1.8. I think the lens is very good.... Or, at least as good as it needs to be.

Morning coffee with James. 

More images from that walk in the rain. An enjoyable way to spend an afternoon in the Summer. Never got above 90° today. I'm now seeing mild weather as an important blessing. I won't take it for granted anymore.

People are more easily approachable in the rain. There seems to be the feeling that..."We're all in this together." It's nice. 

These are few more of the images from the 4th of July when I went out for a walk in the afternoon rain. It was a visually profitable adventure. Compounded by my experimentation of the day which involved trying to figure out the best way to photograph in black and white with the Leica SL2. I think I'm getting it zero'd in but I wish there was more control in Jpegs like there is with the Fuji X100V cameras. That would be lovely. 

But I'm working with what the Leica engineers wanted to give me and I think we'll get to a good place in due time. Simplicity, simplicity. 

I know I could shoot in color, in raw, and have a lot of control in Lightroom or PhotoShop but I'd like to see if I can get close to loving the shots in Jpeg that come right off the camera. That's the goal. 

The young woman just above had such a kind affect and a nice, warm smile. I wish I'd stopped and talked as she would make a great, formal portrait subject. Maybe frequent walks will allow our paths to cross again. I won't be so shy about asking next time. 

Below is a gallery of images, all shot in the rain. Some in strong rain and some in gentle rain. But the net effect is that I got wet and so did my camera. Neither of us are worse for the wear and the exposure. (And yes, I meant that as a double entendre!). 

Enjoy. Thanks.