The Downtown Farmers' Market. On a quiet Saturday. Different camera and lens than usual. A retro-photo-gear day.

Ah. The quiet days of Summer. Things feel mellow around town. A lot of people in our neighborhood are out of town on vacations, attendance is lighter at swim practice and traffic; especially in the afternoons, is still manageable. 

I was up early this morning and made it to the seven o'clock masters swim practice. I actually had a lane to myself --- which is a blessing and a curse. A blessing since you can set the pace you like and not inconvenience another swimmer, but a curse because you don't have someone to lead the lane and do all the brain work; like watching the intervals and keeping the sets straight. Still, I managed to get nearly two miles in before eight and that feels nice in the Summer. 

We've had mild weather with lots of rain so the pool has stayed cooler this year than in Summers past. That's a real joy!

After practice I met my dear friend, Anne, downtown at Intelligentsia Coffee just to catch up and check in. She's a professional in the healthcare industry so she's still a bit skittish about the idea of nearly everyone being suddenly unmasked. We were sitting inside until a bit group of young folks came in and we moved outside. Then the tables, set close together, started to fill up and we took our coffee for a walk. I get it. We're both vaccinated but there's the Delta variant to worry about and newly acquired habits of caution don't fade quickly.

We headed over to the farmers' market to do some browsing and shopping. Fresh, beautiful peaches were everywhere. And tomatoes. I had a camera with me so I took photographs at my leisure. 

I've been submerged in Leica-Enthusiasm for the last few months and I decided to come up for air and step away from the German hype for a day or two and trot out an old favorite; The Panasonic S1R. I've also been dissing the Panasonic 50mm S-Pro f1.4 for a while so I thought I'd freshen my memory about the lens and maybe reconsider my awkward haste at divesting it. It's better than I remembered and, after walking around with it for a couple hours I didn't find myself bent out of shape or in muscular distress. It's no bigger or heavier than the Hasselblad I happily carried throughout Europe, once upon a time. Minus out the need for bags full of film and a light meter and the S1R+50mm starts to look pixie-ish. 

Anyway, here's what I shot today at the market. The files, when opened in Lightroom, are as near to perfect as I could want. And the raw files are delightful to work with. They don't fall apart. At all. 

That's all I've got today. More tomorrow?

Look at the center most peach; one basket back from the front and center basket...
There's a fly on the leftmost peach in that basket...

Here is a crop from the frame above. Interestingly detailed; I think.