Support an art project being done by a long time VSL member. It's fun and easy.

My table is set for some fun art appreciation.

So, there's this guy named Andrew Molitor and he's a fine art/photo-radical artist currently working in photography and hellbent on making small books. Here's Andrew's Blog which I like very much. He works mostly in black-and-white when he's not writing very insightful and somewhat academic posts about modern life and non-pretentious photo topics. 

Andrew e-mailed me recently to let me know about a project he's doing that he's trying to support with a Go Fund Me campaign. The TLDR is: he's making small books with 90+ pages of photos and an essay by a famous photo writer. He's offering the books for $15 each, which covers shipping in the USA and Canada. He's doing the entire project as a non-profit adventure and any money left over from production and shipping will be donated to an arts organization in his community. Here's the info: https://www.gofundme.com/f/9x5sm-vigilante
I love projects like this one. I think it's great to support artists who are trying new stuff and new ways of delivering art. I put my money where my blog-writing is and ordered two of his books. They will probably be delivered in mid to late January, which will be perfect, time-wise, for an evening spent next to the fireplace with a nice cup of highly caffeinated cocoa. I can't imagine that most of us couldn't let go of $15 to give this a try. And while Andrew is certainly not depending on this project to feed his family or pay the rent I think his example is valuable for the rest of us and merits our support. Maybe buy a book as a small X-mas present to yourself. And when your book is ready you might find that Andrew has softened up the market a bit to make your own book that much more successful. It's an idea at any rate...

Go Andrew! Go book!