Merry Christmas and my best hopes and wishes for everyone.


I met a lot of great people in 2021. I poked around in lots of interesting places, ate more than my share of wonderful food, spent huge chunks of time doing photographs for myself, had the pleasure of working with five or six kind and creative advertising people, and experienced yet another year of great times with the love of my life. How could I not count this past year as one of my best?

Part of the joy was sharing nearly every day's events with you who have become far more than "blog readers" having made, in many cases, the transition to "friend." I've enjoyed nearly every minute of this past year in spite of all the bad new, and the trials and tribulations of the world at large.

The vast computer banks here at VSL have crunched massive amounts of information. We've applied all the advanced data analytics we can throw at our psycho-social (Foundation series) prediction models. We've come up with the prediction that 2022 is going to be a wonderful time to be alive. 

We'll start slow with lots of drama delivered by the pandemic but the year will blossom into a much more fun and interesting one. We just have to stay positive, continue to look forward, savor the moment we're gifted with right now, and have gratitude for each bit of good fortune and happiness that comes our way. 

Cameras are fun but photographs are better. Money is great but love is much greater. At the center of everything great is love. And that springs from compassion and appreciation.  

Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas. Brace yourself for a better New Year than you might imagine.