A High Temperature Test of an Older Lens on a Newer Camera. And learning to embrace a focal length I have generally disparaged.

I swam well at practice this morning. But I still had too much energy rattling around so after lunch
I headed downtown for a jaunty 4 miles walk through my favorite parts of downtown. 
It was 101° this afternoon. I think I have successfully shed the wretched 3 extra pounds 
I gained over the winter. Everything fits better now. And no sweat stains on the shirt....

I used, as an excuse, the need to test the 28mm Zeiss lens on the Leica SL2. That's what got me out of the house and moving through the heat. 

My take? The Zeiss 28mm f2.8 lens is a perfect companion for the SL2. I use it mostly at f5.6 or f8.0 and it's wicked sharp right out to the corners. This lens was made, pre-in-camera-lens-"correction" so it actually handles distortion with grace and dignity. And the corners don't go all waffly. 

I use the lens mounted on a cheap as dirt Contax Y/C to L mount adapter. It works fine. The lens focuses on infinity and doesn't seem far off the marked focusing ring distances at all. Since there are so few 28mm lenses available for the L mount I'm very happy to have shelled out a couple hundred bucks about five years ago for this one. All manual, but I'm not hampered by a lack of logic or training so I can use it just fine. 

That's all I've got. Here's a gallery to show off what the lens is capable of...


A Summertime Memory of at time when HIllbert's was still making burgers on North Lamar and Using Slide Film in a Leica R8 was de rigueur.


Ben. Lunch break for burgers.

Then...back to the pool. 

Hard Light Portrait. Particulars Unrecorded. From a Print.