OT: 67 year old enjoys morning swim practice. Looks forward to more photography.


As on just about any other day I dragged myself out of my warm, cozy bed, slipped on a sweatshirt and a well worn pair of pants and padded to the kitchen to make a cup of Irish breakfast tea and toast some super bread. I glanced at all the headlines and looked at the stock futures on Yahoo Finance. Did a quick search through the overnight emails. Rinsed my tea cup, brushed my teeth and headed out the door. 

Destination: Swim practice. 

We have three options for practices each day. There's the 7 a.m. workout for people who need to be at work by a certain time. They trend younger and more... driven...hardcore. There's the 8 a.m. workout which used to be a bit tamer but lately has had the ante raised up by a new coach. At 8 we talk less and swim further. And then there's the noon workout which is well coached but it's understood that some people might customize the workout presented on the board and relax a bit more...

I used to be a dyed in the wool 7 a.m.-er and during the early days of the pandemic, when we were trying to spread out attendance to manage proximity, I was an ardent 6 a.m. attendee. Lately, I've aimed for the middle ground and now am most likely to show up for the 8. 

Today was a bit daunting. We started with about 1200 yards of warm up (48 pool lengths) and then hit the main set. It was written like this:

6 x 75 yards. 50 of those yards (two lengths) were butterfly and 25 were freestyle. These were on a 1:15 minute interval.

300 yard freestyle at 85% pace.

6 x 75 yards. 50 of those yards backstroke and 25 yards freestyle. Also on a 1:15 interval

300 yard freestyle at 90% pace. (descend completion time by 5 or 10 seconds). 

6 x 75 yards. 50 of those yards breaststroke and 25 yards backstroke. Same interval.

300 yards freestyle attempting to descend the time from the last two 300s. (good luck!).

One fast 100 I.M. (a lap of each stroke)

200 yards of freestyle to warm down. 

About 3500 yards (about 142 pool lengths, many flip turns, much hard breathing) of fast paced, multi-stroke swimming by 9 a.m. A great way to start the day out. 

I'm thinking about going back for the noon workout, just because....

Later this afternoon B. and I are going over to the HRC to hear a talk by Laura Wilson and to get a copy of Wilson's new book. A great way to wrap up the day. 

This is the first year in a long time that I've let a birthday slip by without getting a fun camera as a self-gift. But I'd never let a birthday week pass without lots of swimming. Gotta keep those priorities straight.

guilty admission. I do have a lens headed my way. It's a Voightlander 40mm f1.4 in the Leica M mount and I also have an M to L mount adapter coming with it. Trying it out over the weekend as a small, fast, light lens to match with the Sigma fp as a pared down travel kit. More words coming once I've put my hands on it. 

Who has opinions about dive watches? I mean real dive watches. 20 ATM or better. Preferrably PADI certified...