A break in our usual programming for a commercial announcement.

Yes. I am an opinionated curmudgeon at times and you don't always agree with me.  But I've worked hard to put up over 800 articles that are at least tangential to the art/craft that binds us all together here: Photography.  Like most freelance photographers in our modern milieu I have to wear several hats to keep the home fires stoked, keep sustenance on the table and afford running shoes for our in-house cross country runner.  I do this in a fragmented and multi-threaded way that requires me to be passably good at several things and to mix them all together at once.  It's not enough to write about concepts and trends and favorite cameras without some "proofs of concept."  Namely, photographs. I write the articles and I'm also the VSL staff photographer.  I spend a lot of time chasing new and existing clients because I forgot to sign up for the trust fund.  I also make money by writing books about photography and that's where this commercial announcement is headed.  If you would like to support the VSL blog it would be great if you would consider clicking on the links below and ordering one, two, three, four or all five of the books I've written.  You'll get the usual hefty discount off the cover price and what I hope you'll think are valuable books.  I'll get a commission from Amazon (that won't cost you a cent) and I'll get a royalty for each book sold from my publisher.  

Now,  if you are the marketing director of a multinational (or national, or even local) business that uses photography and you've already purchased the books in the past, please consider hiring me for your next project.  I promise to do a really nice job for you. :-)

I've also tagged on three books from Texas based photographers who are all good friends and wonderful photographers.  Michael O'Brien's book, On Hard Ground, sold out in a little over five months but you can pre-order now to be sure and get a copy from the next printing, which is already in progress.  My LED book is also at the printedrs and I'll let you know when we get close.  It's generating lots of interest and I've had numerous requests for review copies from magazines and large, photo oriented websites.  It seems that using LED panels for production lighting is now coming on to everyone's radar.  In a big way.

That's it for my glancing commercial message.  Help move VSL forward if you can.  If you can't, or don't want to don't worry, the content is free and you are always welcome here.  Happy Holidays from the "management."

My Lighting Book

My Location Lighting Book

My Studio Book

The Business Book

I also wanted to throw in links to my two favorite cameras of the year:  The Nikon V1 and the Olympus EP3.  I bought both, with cold hard cash, and have no regrets about either purchase.  Both are great "system" carry anywhere cameras.  You might want one for the holidays....

Thanks for your support.  Kirk