I wonder how the Sony a99 would do under dim stage lighting at Austin City Limits performance stage...at 6400 ISO

I was pretty sure that the Sony a99 would do low light pretty darn well. Here's stage shot at the Austin City Limits stage. I'm shooting from in front of the stage. The color balance was set to auto. Lots of colored lights and the front lights were tungsten. I was amazed at the dead on skin tones. Hand held. 1/160th of a second at f2.8 @ ISO 6400. Still pretty sharp at 4000 by 6000.

Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 lens. Shot as a Jpeg.

Busy, Busy Photographer.

originally written on Wednesday 12/12/2012

Lead. Camp Freddy. ACL. Sony a99.

Sorry to be absent for a couple of days but as you know I am actually a (hard) working commercial/assignment photographer.  And by that I mean that I earn the majority of my income from taking photographs on assignment. I am two days into a three and a half day job taking photographs at Dell World 2012. It's a conference in Austin for 7,000 Dell employees, partners and customers. I'm having a blast shooting. I spent most of today getting ready to photograph a speech given by former president, Bill Clinton, and then setting up for, and completing, sixty individual portraits in a make-shift studio with president Clinton and a bunch of VIPs. I rushed the  images to the lab and have 5x7 prints in hand. A very fast turn around.

On Tues. night my second photographer and I got to shoot some fun bands: Linkin Park, Camp Freddy, Vallejo and Bob Schneider. A bit of (popular) culture to take the edge off the blog......

All fun stuff for the blog. Tomorrow is the last full day of photography and I'm deep into the project. I spend my evenings ordering prints, sending files and getting gear ready for the next day.

The camera of choice so far? The Sony a99. Second place? The Sony a77.

After we wrap the show I'll start putting more stuff up on the blog. There are a lot of rich stories here. In the meantimes be sure to take a stroll through the archives (put your cursor on the right hand side of the blog to hit the "archive" menu) or go out and snap some images.

Tomorrow I get to photograph Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park and the two guys who wrote Freakonomics. Fun times for VSL senior editor.

Greetings from the W Hotel and Austin City Limits.

I'll be back blogging on Friday.