Spring time in Austin. A print from the old Leica "R" days.

Winter was more or less non-existent here in Austin this year. The last week has been warm and wet and everywhere you look every plant is blooming, yards are saturated green and our peach tree in the backyard has already bloomed. 

The heaters are off at the (outdoor) pool and we're back to applying sunscreen before our noon practices. 

The Spring weather always makes me think of photography outside. Not that I don't shoot outside year round, but this is the kind of mild and happy weather which coerces you to spend full days out of the house, just wandering with a camera. 

The image above is from a shoot done long ago for a state wide lifestyle magazine. We were shooting models and fashion. It was the middle of the summer and we found a front porch on an older house that gave us shade and relief from the sun. One of our models was on a porch swing resting. 

I photographed her with a Leica R8 camera and Leica's 135mm f2.8 lens. I used Astia slide film. 

It was just a quiet shot that seemed to sum up the feeling I was having today, embracing Spring.