A Photograph of Rebecca from this afternoon. At Zach Theatre.

©2016 Kirk Tuck.

I've been on a mission lately to photograph the people I find interesting. I met Rebecca at a rehearsal for Priscilla Queen of the Desert and I loved her energy and her quirky beauty. Earlier in the week I sent a message to her asking if I could make a portrait with her. She responded quickly and we set up a time for today. 

This morning I was making marketing photographs at the theater of Jaston Williams, one of the originators of A Tuna Texas and Greater Tuna, and after we were done (wonderful shoot, images to follow) I walked over to the big Topfer Theater and scouted a good location in which to make Rebecca's portrait. 

I chose the second floor V.I.P. lounge and used a combination of ambient light, streaming through floor to ceiling windows, and two continuous lights shining through a 50 inch circular diffuser. I used one more circular device, a 48 inch round, black flag to add a shadow to one side of Rebecca's face. 

I used a longer than normal lens (135mm) on a full frame camera and tried to stay in the range of f2.0 to f2.8, which required shutter speeds around 1/125th of a second with an ISO of 320.