So....Just how nice is that cheap Sigma 60mm DC DN lens I bought (again) for my Panasonic cameras?

I've been getting a lot of use out of the little, cheap-ass Sigma, metal barreled miracle lens over the last few days. Yesterday I shot portraits of Sidney in the studio. She's an amazing actor/singer from Zach, and as soon as I can narrow down my favorite of her from the hundreds we took I'll show you want the 60mm lens looks like in a studio setting...

Today I put the lens on the front of a G85 and went out for a big walk. All of these images were done on the Sigma 60mm at either f2.8 or f4.0. I've got a full frame above and the 100% magnification just below. Sharp. Very sharp. I wish the 30mm and 19mm from the same family were as good. I'd snap them up in a heartbeat. But I've had em and shot em and I've got to say that
the 60mm DC DN is just head and shoulders better, wide open!

I spent the day with the combo above and I have to say that every time I use the least expensive stuff I am charmed and happy. It's all so good now. If your photographs look like crap it's time to stop blaming the gear and time to get busy working on either your technique or you subject matter. 

These are pretty much right out of the camera Jpegs. A tweak here or there but not much. Hope you are having a great Monday. I'm heading into a meeting to pre-plan the upcoming Saturday shoot and then meeting the head of a new advertising agency for ramen at a place up north. Tuesday I'll be in San Antonio meeting with an attorney to get my newest "to-do" list of quasi-legal-financial tasks for the family. I'll be back that evening for the final dress rehearsal of "The Curious Incident of A Dog In The Night" at ZACH Theatre and on Weds. we start in earnest on a TV project for the same production. It's a jam packed week (more to come) but I wouldn't want it any other way. 

Blow these images up big to look at the detail. Phone glancing doesn't count.


Carlo Santin said...

I have this lens and the Sigma 30mm 1.4 for Nex. They are both amazing lenses. They render so nicely and have the pop of much more expensive lenses.

Mike said...

Looking at those first four, it sure is a shame that Micro 4/3 doesn't allow you to blur the backgrounds that much, huh? (Note the sarcasm being spoken there)

Anonymous said...

Looks great... I am so fed up that Sigma continue to refuse to make these lenses in Eos M :-(

Daniel Walker said...

I bought this lens when you talked about it years ago. Do you plan to use it as a portrait lens or do you have something else in mind?

Alex said...

I picked up a dirt cheap G3 just to get this lens, it gets very near to 135mm for not a lot of money. I had it when I was using m43 a few years ago and for the money £40 camera and £100-£130 for 60mm minus whatever I can sell the kit zoom for its a bargain. It is a really good lens and given it will be used daylight outside paying for a faster option is pointless.

Joseph Kashi said...

I quite concur about the Sigma 60mm "Art" on M4/3 - given its small size and low cost, I include one in both of my M4/3 grab and go kits. It's nearly as sharp as the much more expensive Olympus 75/1.8

I had an early version of the 30mm Sigma and it was rather dull beyond the central 1/3, but the newer 30mm "Art" version seems pretty decent, although, as you say, not quite as bitingly sharp as the 60mm.

For a long time, I hoped for comparable small, light 12mm/2 and 90/100mm 2.8 "Art" primes from Sigma but they seem to have gone in the opposite direction, 1.4 primes that are rather too large for most M4/3 and NEX cameras.

Nigel Hodges said...

Nice images Kirk!
And I look forward to reading about your work in relation to the Curious Incident - it's a wonderful novel and we thoroughly enjoyed a performance in London just over two years ago - thoroughly recommend it for its insights into individuals on the autistic spectrum.
And apologies for being slightly off topic too!!