Coming back to 1 inch sensor cameras can be fun....and a revelation. Especially if you are shooting in bright sun! Panasonic FZ2500. Not sharp? Hah!

I got tired of sitting in the studio retouching and writing letters to insurance companies and, when the sun came out last week, I took off a few hours to walk around Austin with my ancient Panasonic FZ2500 super-zoom camera. It's really pretty wonderful. We're long past the point where there is any hesitation about its sharpness or the competence of its lens. The image stabilization is great, the exposures are accurate, the color is wonderful. The camera is big and bulky but not heavy. It's pretty cool to be able to sling a 20 megapixel over your shoulder (that doesn't feel burdensome) and have, at your fingertips, a 24 to 450mm lens that delivers good detail. 

It's a good camera for lazy still photographers who would rather wear polyester than carry an old fashion camera bag with a collection of heavy lenses; it's an even better choice for videographers who work in good light. The 1080p video is sharp and juicy. The three steps of ND are highly useful. And there is so much more. I have a selective memory; when the camera is not in my hands I tend to forget just how much I like it. When I pick it up my interest is renewed. Click to view em big. 

See: What I bought today (down below at the end of the blog post) for a good laugh!

I've been mucking around with a Nikon D2XS lately and it's a blast from my sentimental past. But I'm already tired of just using the 50mm lens I bought. I wandered into Precision Camera today and looked at some ancient zoom lenses to stick on the front. I bought one but when I put it on the front of my camera it would not autofocus. I took it back and they were appropriately chagrined, but I thought well, if I'm not going to have AF I should just buy an even older zoom that doesn't have auto focus to begin with. I ended up buying an ancient 35-70mm f3.5 ai and it's a beast. Just a beast. I can hardly wait to take it out and put it through its paces..... About the cost of a really nice lunch....


Wally said...

We are fixated on ISO - a holdover from film days- when its the signal to noise ratio that should be part of the exposure triangle. Lots of light- artificial or natural- coming into a one-inch sensor with good STN ratio and Boom you get great image quality. I have a Nikon 1 V1 with 70-300 Nikon zoom - pretty good quality for the money - and have a bunch of Bird images with conditions as laid out in my comment that look pretty good.

William Collinson said...

I can think of a lot of people who would be so much better served by an FZ2500 than their entry level DSLR and kit lenses. Especially when both Nikon and Canon continue to ship budget kits with non-VR telezooms.

Also have to comment that I can't believe how much construction is going on in downtown Austin!

Michael Matthews said...

It’s ancient. You seldom remember even owning it. Wanna sell it?
I finally got around to trying to shoot video with the EM5.2 and the menu/control system is driving me nuts.

Nate said...

The Nikon TC-16a can also fix your autofocus itch for your old AIS lenses too.