Help me be a better Iceland tourist and photo teacher. If you have tips, hints, insider info, etc. take a moment to leave a comment.

Russian model. In the studio in West Austin.

So, I'm rounding up the usual gear and getting on a plane first thing tomorrow morning to continue the same assignment we were doing last week. I'll be in Florida, Alabama and North Carolina before getting back here (hopefully) in the early evening Thursday. That's eight flights in three days. Weird travel schedule for sure. But what it really means is that I don't have endless days to do web research about my next trip; the one to Iceland for nine days. I know what I want to pack in terms of photo gear and computer stuff but I'd love to hear from people who found good masters swim programs in Reykjavik and also good swimming pools that are open late (I'll sneak away and swim while others hit the bar.....).

Also trying to compile a list of good coffee shops and neighborhood food joints that are off the beaten path --- if that's possible. 

I've been watching the weather every day and it seems like good rain gear is much more important than bringing a bunch of cold weather gear worthy of a north pole expedition. Talk to me about shoes, boots, and assorted footwear. 

I guess the lower light situation is something we take for granted so the tripod is mandatory. 

Give me as much information as you can. Everyone's perspective adds to the trove. Thanks! KT