The Canon G10 meets my newest daily walk around camera and lens, the Lumix S1R + the Sigma 45mm f2.8. Also, I passed the 4300 mark for blog posts. Hooray for me!

I'm having a lot of fun incorporating the Lumix S series cameras into the way I do photography. I have the two S1s that are tasked with day-to-day commercial work. They handle the video and the theatrical documentation and all the regular portrait work that's destined for some company's website. They work well and the lenses are probably the best I've ever owned. The only caveat so far is just the weight and bulk of each piece in the system. But I feel spry enough to cart them around for now. When I finally hit middle age I'll trade everything in for a couple more G10s. They are small and light.

I've more or less settled on the S1R, the high resolution version of the Ss, for my daily, personal shooter camera. I use it with either the Sigma 45mm f2.8 lens but when I'm hungry for a bit of manual focus nostalgia I like to put the 50mm f1.7 Carl Zeiss lens on the camera and focus slowly and carefully. Sometimes just to make other photographers cringe... And lately I've been using it in the Monochrome L mode.

Today I was walking around the house with the dog making photographs with a tripod mounted G10 and I came across this camera sitting on the dining room table. Just a big package of potential abandoned for an ancient point and shoot. I pulled the tripod over and took a few shots down around a full second of exposure. Hey look! The big camera is totally in focus!!! Miracle!!!!

There's room on the studio desk for both. It's fun to play with new cameras. Just as much fun to re-play with the older ones.

Click on the S1R to see just how good a still life camera the G10 is...

The G10 rears its lovely head and goes on a black and white binge. This fella loves a tripod and a lot of light.

Why my sudden fascination with old, small camera tech?
Because we get slammed with all the new tech all the time.
And who wants to read yet another article about the "best mirrorless full frame cameras of 2019."
A "buyers" guide. As if.......

All images done with the Canon G10 set to B&W. 

What am I reading right now? It's a book by Chase Jarvis. I'm actually recommending it.

I've always been wary of people who are too overtly positive and forthright. I was leery of the "Chase Phenomenon" when he was shooting all the silly Kung Fu action shots and putting them up on YouTube, but you know what? He's actually written a great book for people who need a good shove in the direction of either starting out or re-embracing their creative self. Getting projects started. And finished.

Most of what he writes is, in some ways, similar to the work of Stephen Pressfield (and just how many times have I recommended "The War of Art"??? -fixed 12/4, thank you kind reader!) but he leavens it with enough very practical advice to kickstart a tired old pro back onto the path or to energize a young wannabe pro who's having trouble getting out the door and into the mix. He's also a good story teller.

I was feeling a bit depressed on Saturday. I felt as though I'd lost my personal, creative energy. My reason to photograph. My inspiration. I went for a walk and ended up at a book store called, Book People. It's a store I've been patronizing for decades. I rummaged around for a while. I looked at photo books. I looked at novels and finally I ended up in a dark corner on the second floor; the kind of place that hipsters and artists relegate business books to. I saw the word "Creative" on a spine and pulled the book from the shelf. It was by Chase Jarvis. I thought I'd take a chance.

This is no thin volume. It's about 300 pages and it's actually packed with inspiration, stories and practical advice for overcoming resistance, figuring out what you really want to be doing and laying out good plans to get to your destination. This book is about finding your way, not setting up shots. There are no photographs, no gear discussions, no lighting diagrams. It's not that kind of book!!!

I need to let go of my prejudices...turns out Chase is a better writer than he is a photographer. And that's  saying something because he's a pretty darn good photographer.

If you are happy and on the right path you probably don't need this book. If you're stuck and you need both a pathway forward and a good kick in the seat of the pants, well, this one might be just what the doctor ordered. As soon as I finish reading my (paid full price and don't know Chase personally) copy I'm handing it off to Ben...

If you've retired and now have some time on your hands and you feel like you're just not getting stuff done... pony up and read.

Work slows down in the holidays. Might be busy for the "family portrait" pros but the corporate world goes missing quickly after Thanksgiving. I have a sure fire promotion you can try....

I've looked back over the billing for the last decade and I'm here to tell you that the trend amongst big, corporate clients, is to disappear right after Thanksgiving and to re-appear a bit after the first week of January. Predictable. Like clockwork. Off the radar and not spending a dime...

We've tried to goose up the last month of year (each year) by increasing promotions, sending out more e-mails, popping up on LinkedIn with outstanding creative content, and even calling people for lunches.  Not virtual lunches; actual lunches. It never works. But I think I've got it figured out this year; it's not about them, it's all about me.

In our business when you get too busy to handle new work, or you have dramas of a personal nature, that's when clients emerge from hibernation and show up in herds and hordes, ready to collaborate with you. If you are too busy with existing work, or too occupied with helping your parents or relatives, you'll have to decline the new work and hope the disappointed clients will call again, later. So there is a correlation between being busy and having the clients call you. It's almost scientific. It's called, "The Law of Unwanted Attraction." 

This week I'm going to try and spoof the law of unwanted attraction by getting to a task that I've been procrastinating on for too long....That will make me "too busy" and serve to attract the multitudes.

Part of my fence had seen better days and needed to be replaced. I hired our yard guy/handyman to do the job. His part of the job did not include painting the new fencing once constructed. I assured him that I would take care of it, thinking I would hire a painting company to spray of a few coats of paint that matches the existing fence and quickly be done with it. But now that I've come up with a way to potentially fool the universe into flooding me with business I've decided that I'll paint it myself. With old fashioned brushes...

I'm heading to the paint store as soon as I finish writing this blog. I've got a sample of the last paint drying on a board on the floor so I can match it all up. I'll order two gallons to start. Today and tomorrow are supposed to be perfect painting days = dawn-to-dusk sunshine and temperatures up near 70 for highs.

I've checked Studio Dog's schedule and she's clear to help out by keeping pesky squirrels at bay. 

But don't get too excited. I know exactly what will happen when I have on my new Armani painter's outfit and my Cole Hahn painting shoes are just right. I'll dip the brush into the first can of paint and then the phone will go nuts with texts, e-mails and direct phone calls begging and cajoling me to do "emergency" photo assignments. It's as predictable as washing the studio Bentley then leaving the top down in order to summon rain...

How can you help? Well, if you've read, "Tom Sawyer" you know just how much fun fence painting can be. Right? It's a blast. And, for a small donation to my Patreon page you too can share in the fun and games of painting Kirk's fence. The cost? Marginal. I would normally charge myself $100 an hour to paint the fence but.....if you come over with a brush and some cold beer to share I could let you enjoy painting with me for only $50 an hour. And, bonus!!!! I'll buy the paint. Sound good? Let's start in the morning around 10 a.m. Okay? See you then!