I missed it by "that much"! I saw this camera in an announcement that went out from the Leica Store Miami earlier today....


The camera pictured here is the latest offering from Leica. It's a Leica M-A film camera. They call it a Leica M-A Titan. It comes in a limited edition kit with a matching 50mm APO Summicron ASPH lens. They call it a Titan because all the external parts are machined out of the ultimate "boy" metal; Titanium. 

I was out on business this morning and I saw this message on my phone. I just had to have one. I made a note in my calendar to head to the website with a handful of credit cards the minute I got back to the house. The asking price for this limited edition film camera was a little unsettling at $19,995 but knowing the LeicaStoreMiami I figured they'd throw in the shipping for free. 

My hands quivered with nervous energy as they hovered over the keyboard. I opened up the browser and navigated to the store's website. The earlier ad said the edition of this camera kit would be limited to 250 units, world wide. This would be the most expensive camera purchase I had ever made but it would all be worth it if the Tri-X I pulled out the freezer was somehow magically imbued with, well, more magic. 

My Birkenstocks clattered on the floor as my anticipation built. The site opened. The camera came right up on the splash page. I got ready to hit the "Buy" button. But then all the air left the balloon of impending happiness and fulfillment. I saw the note. Only three worlds but to me if felt like the collapse of a dream. 

"Edition Sold Out." 

Sure, we can argue all day that I can do something better with the money. We could have discussed the cold, hard fact that I no longer shoot film and have no interest in doing so. But....Titanium! My one or two friends who might know about this camera would have been so impressed. Sure, I would  probably have tried to hide the purchase price from my partner but since she handles the taxes and accounting it would have all come out in the wash... and that would not have gone as well as I might fantasize. 

My question to you is: Which one of my VSL readers got there in front of me? I hope you're happy....

(The camera, price and "sold out edition" are all real. What is not real is my having any intention at all of buying a camera like this. Or spending that kind of money on a camera that's more valuable not being used. I added this disclaimer at the end for the occasional preachy reader who flies into a rage when taking me literally on stuff like this. Not buying one. Not interested. Can't reliably spell Veblen but.....). 

I bet it comes with a really cool presentation case too.