A black and white photograph from one angle view of Austin's downtown. The question from a friend: "Is the Lumix 20-60mm zoom lens sharp enough?" Also: KT joins a gym.


photographed with a Leica SL and the Lumix 20-60mm zoom. Often referred to as the "kit lens" for the S5.

Yes. It's a very sharp lens. And fairly lightweight. And very affordable; especially used. I generally toss it into the equipment case when I'm going out to shoot for clients. It's nice to have something wider than usual (my usual being 24mm....) for those moments when you just have to get a lot of stuff into the frame. 

We would have salivated to have gotten wide angle performance like this in a zoom lens in the film days. Now, the cameras makers seem to have figured out how to change the triangle of cost, performance and size in our favor. Except, of course, when it comes to the 50mm lenses.... (sigh). 

It's been a slow business month. I'm pretty sure it has less to do with the economy or the prevalence of jobs out in the market and much more to do with my ambivalence these days about going out looking for work or doing marketing. I suspect that I am subconsciously paring down a bit. I'm not sure how this all works but having fewer work obligations generally means missing fewer swim workouts and long walks and coffee conversations. 

I joined a gym yesterday. I'm working with a trainer to become proficient in resistance work and strength training. I'll be lifting weights and doing something on mysterious machines three days a week. My swim coaches encourage swimmers over 50 to ramp up strength training. It's an attempt to foil sarcopenia in its tracks. No doubt I'll be ripped like an early Arnold Schwarzenegger in no time. 

I might even encourage myself to carry more and heavier cameras systems around ---- after all, it's for health's sake...