A wonderful, minimalist portrait.

This is one of the youngest swimmers on my son's Summer League swim team.  We were at one of those morning meets where the sun was tethered behind clouds that mostly wanted to drizzle.  I was wandering around our area, talking to parents and looking for fun kids to photograph.  She was just adorable.

I was shooting with a 70-200mm f4 L zoom on a Canon 7D and loving the soft light.  The interesting thing for me about these kid swim meets is how much fun the behind the scenes stuff is.  Kids stuffing themselves with breakfast tacos and juice,  endless Nintendo Gameboy DS battles, eight to ten year old boys looking for stuff to stick into air conditioning systems,  groups of girls marking each other with Sharpies like south Austin tattoo artists.  And me just clicking away, soaking it all in.

Season's over now.  I'm just archiving stuff and looking through all the takes that didn't make the cut into the slide show.  Big fun.

Welcome to my inadvertent page re-design.

So,  I was stumbling around, adding "The Online Photographer" to my links when I fell further and further into the rabbit hole trying to figure out how to change something minor on this blog.  The next thing I knew I'd trashed my original design and couldn't seem to resurrect it.  Confounded by technology and thousands of lines of boring code I did what any self respecting luddite would do and opted to use one of the new templates.  At first I was pissed and now I'm just thankful that all my widgets and formats and such translated without major issue.

I would complain harder but it would be churlish since the service is free and, for the most part, competent. I know that none of us like change but I did resist kaleidoscopic, polychromatic backgrounds and dancing type.  If you really hate a color on a link or you vote, en masse, to change the background color, I may respond and try to keep my loyal readers happy.  But I've had enough for today and don't want to talk to my computer for a while.  Must be time for a walk with a camera.