And so we had this big brouhaha! About free. But what matters to me is how much I like the photos.

Father and son.  At a photo shoot for the Austin Lyric Opera.  Camera: Kodak
DCS 760.  Lens:  Nikon 105 defocus coupling.  Light:  Profoto tungsten, 6 foot
diffusion panel.



Ed Buziak said...

Calling a moratorium on the subject eh? And then finish with "have a good week and you make enough money..." Ha-ha, I now know which shoulder your camera hangs from ;~)

Seriously though... with such a hoo-ha being created over the recent introduction of the Sony NEX system (small - no pun intended - though it is at present), your appetite for interesting cameras - without being geeky about them - and your warm, intimate shooting style... it would be very interesting to read your practical experiences of this new concept which seems, judging by reported Japanese sales figures, as if it will carve out for itself a big chunk of the future camera market and for different user types.

Kurt Shoens said...

And through the ruckus what a wonderful set of images you've been showing! I particularly like the one of Dr. John Clarke from a few days ago. Thanks also for the reprint about food photography.

I'm looking forward to your impressions of the 7D. It's the camera I probably should have bought instead of the 5D. My excuse is that it wasn't announced yet.

My secret plan is to interest a friend who has the 40D (in my opinion, the pinnacle of the 10D/20D/30D/... line) in the 7D, then buy his cast-off 40D body.

Raianerastha said...

No offense to this Olympus user, Kirk. I readily admit there are times when I see the limitations of my E520 and both the 7D and 5DMk2 are cameras I'm considering purchasing for when I need the things they do best.

Chops said...

Go for it Kirk. I too am thinking about moving from Olympus. My main "focus" now is nature photography and Olympus is a dead end. I've enjoyed your blog now for over a year and would look forward to your insight into a camera I would be interested in.

Alan X said...

Kirk, I'm in a parallel universe!
I shot a wedding last week and the bride asked me to stay and party after I finished shooting. So I stayed 3 more hours, ate and drank and shot some more(for free) Last week I also looked at the 7D and 5D and liked the 7d ergos. The wedding was shot with Olympus gear(E-30s and E-Pen) Thanks for the food article, it reminds me of when the economy was better and I used to shoot food and eat it afterwards!

kirk tuck said...

Alan, I thought I'd love the 5d2 most of all because of the FF and all but the 7D has the feel.

Love to eat the food. Love it.

Daniel said...

I havent had the opportunity to use the 5DII but I love my 7D, sometimes I wish that I had saved for the FF but then again know that the focusing system on the 7D helps my less than "L" lenses...I would like more images when bracketing with the 7D but don't do AEB all that often anyway.

rjdutch said...

I have felt your frustration, Kirk. I am teaching myself to ignore any person who tries to convince me that they know best.
I'm just trying to work on my craft.

atmtx said...


I'm really enjoying my 7D. It has a really nice solid feel, a nice feature set in a medium size body. I know the camera is not supposed to matter but some of my friends claim that my photography has improved since I got the 7D. Maybe they're just trying to be nice ;-)


Ernest said...

Offending Oly brethren ?

Doubtful. They have been so offended over the years I am sure they can take it well.

Let it fly ! :)