Everything about art is a process. In photography---even more so.

Cronut Inventor
Dominique Ansel
At work in  a kitchen in Austin, Texas
©2014 Kirk Tuck.

We spend time finding our subjects. We spend time figuring out what the composition should be, how to deal with the light, how and when to shoot. How to process. How to display or share. It's easy to let the process create its own roadmap for you. The nature of art is to fight against the comfort zone enough to make the images work. 

Sometimes we fail and sometimes we succeed and sometimes there is middle ground. That's the nature of doing a process that's always open to interpretation. 


Larry Cordeiro said...

Part of my painting process involves sketching, and painting studies on different media. Testing different techniques until I find something that works before I apply a process to a final piece.

Every once in a while I come back to an old study, and realize it was what I had originally envisioned my finished product would be. Funny how that happens sometimes in the process of making art.

Michael Matthews said...

The larger question is: how was the Cronut?

And with the dough presumably based on the croissant, is it a Kroh-nut...or Kwoh-nut?

John Stankewitz said...

So true Kirk about the process, and don't we just love it when people say "Wow, you must have a great camera...."