I posted so many blogs today on my "image only" blog that Google demanded I prove I am not a robot. More difficult than I thought....


I'm building a blog site that's different from this one. It's all portraits with captions as titles. No comments, no feedback, etc. I've put up the first 50 today and you can go see them at the link above.

I'm building that blog so I can send clients there to look at work I like but without the usual commentary from me or anyone else. It's a fun experiment since I also get to use the dynamic views offered by Blogger.

Drop by and see what you think. Comments here remain open.


Carlo Santin said...

Wonderful. Lots of beautiful squares. I'm steeling your idea. Not the photos, just the idea of a portrait only blog.

Peter Stevenson said...

I like the new photo-blog.

Would you consider posting the 'bagel girl' photo.
Unless that's not a portrait...

Gato said...

Nice. Always enjoy your portraits. And like the tone of the captions.

Like Carlo, I plan to steal your idea.

Yoram Nevo said...

Very Good

Murray Davidson said...

What do you mean, you're not a robot? I've subjected your blog to the Turing test, and so far you haven't passed.

Nice portraits, but I seem to remember visiting a site of yours a while back that was very similar. Am I mistaken?


dario dasar said...

Hi Kirk,
I've always considered the portrait of wet Jennifer magnificent.
Did you make some more sessions with her ?
I would be glad to see.

Victor Bloomfield said...

Very effective presentation of your excellent portrait work. A definite like.

Anonymous said...

Wow, looking through that reminded me how many great portraits I've seen here over the years. Still love your old, square frame work (including more recent stuff mimicking that).

Was trying to think of nifty ones you've left out - the chef with the tattooed fingers? Some of those law firm ones you showed a few weeks back (you take good pictures of blokes too, not that there's many of them in that reel).

There was also a photo of an African lady you took on colour film that was ossum, really vivid.

great stuff - keep up the good work,

Frank said...

The picture, I think of your wife, has copyright 2105. Maybe this is not intended ...

Laurent said...

Dirk, great collection of portraits. I like everything, except the "snapshot" tab. The comments are weirdly truncated, and I don't think the way it shows does justice to your wonderful portraits. I also wonder if the text font could not be more.....contemporary.

Thanks for your great blog, you are an amazing source of inspiration