Here's a project that I shot just before the holidays. I did the images for the website producer.

ART MASTERS WEB SITE  I love to share work once the clients have gotten everything squared away and have publicly published the work. I shot the images for this site for my long time friend and continuing client, Lane Orsak, who owns Creative Marketing Consultants. (nearly every image on his site is also one of mine, which speaks volumes to customer loyalty. And makes me happy).

We spent one day shooting at the offices of Art Masters and my main job was to make people who don't spend any time in front of a camera feel safe and secure there as we pursued made images of them that would help illustrate their business.

I shot  with a Nikon D7100 camera and a little bag full of Nikon lenses. I lit almost every photograph but I tried to make every image look unlit; natural. All the additional lighting (in conjunction with fluorescent ceiling fixtures) was provided by Fotodiox battery powered LED panels. I used four of the smaller 312AS panels and one 508AS panel. The big panel had two layers of 1/8th plus green filtration on the front to effectively match the unfiltered color of the other four panels. All the panels lasted for every set up over the course of six hours without the need to change batteries, which makes them a very efficient lighting tool because it obviates the need to run cables or nurse them along too much. The 312AS lights are small enough to allow me to just balance them on the top of a bookshelf or on the floor, if need be.

Working with a professional like Lane makes shoots very straightforward and productive. He had a list of images in his head that he could share with me as we went along. Even though he knew what he needed he was very open to us just playing around with different angles, set ups and expressions to get the best material we could. He also has an eagle eye for details so he helped make shots better by un-wrinling stuff that shouldn't be wrinkled and removing background clutter that might confuse the viewer's eye.

We had a great time shooting the images and working with the clients. The post production on the images Lane selected was very straightforward. That's because we were careful to do custom white balances as we changed from scene to scene, and I metered carefully in manual mode as we shot.

We talk about doing the work here a lot. But this is typical of the day to day assignment that sustains the business and makes the job ultimately enjoyable. Gear is fun and good but a great client is priceless...

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Patrick Dodds said...

You did a great job of making them look unlit Kirk. Very nice. I think that's one of the hardest things in all of photography. Well, that and building up business... But that, of course, is a whole other skill set.