A Black and White Photograph of Jack.

©2016 Kirk Tuck. All Rights Reserved.

My Favorite Portrait of Boston Actor, Jack Donahue.

©2016 Kirk Tuck. All Rights Reserved.

Jack came to Austin to join the production of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and I found his performances to be really wonderful. When the play finished its run I asked Jack if he would be willing to sit for a portrait. He was. We shot on a nice, sunny afternoon. He's got great stories to tell and I had a blast.

Lit with two LED lights lighting up a 50 inch, circular diffuser. Camera: Sony A7Rii. Lens: Rokinon 135mm t 2.2 Cine lens. Tripod: The good one. 

I am currently post processing and retouching a bunch of selections for Jack. I'm very happy with the results of our session.

Testing. Always testing. 

The Ghost of Jacob Marley and Scrooge. On Stage at Zach.

©2016 Kirk Tuck. All Rights Reserved.

Photograph taken at rehearsal on Sunday. Camera: Sony A7ii. Lens: 70-200mm f4.0 G. Raspberry flavored SD memory card. Human tripod. 

A few months ago I wanted to buy a battery grip for my old, used, Sony A7ii. I went to Amazon and looked at the official Sony accessory. I am sure it's made from very rare plastic only grown in the plastic orchards of Fiji but I found the purchase price --- breathtaking. 

A little more research uncovered a generic product from Vello. The price was well short on $100 and, with Prime, the delivery was free. I ordered one that did not arrive on time. I called Amazon. They sent out a replacement. In the meantime the first one arrived.  DOA.  My hopes of finding a low cost alternative were temporarily shattered. I sent it back and the second one arrived. I pulled it out of the box and installed batteries then screwed it onto the the base of the camera. The device has worked flawlessly for over 10,000 exposures. 

I am thankful that the USPS mis-delivered and then re-delivered the first drive. Had it arrived disfunctional but right on schedule I would have sent it back and decided that all such cheap substitutes were without value. 

The combination of the A7ii and the Vello battery grip makes for a perfect ergnomic pair for me. I find the camera to be pretty much perfect with one tiny exception (certainly NOT a deal killer...) and that is my wish for the silent shutter options shared by the a6300 and the A7Rii. Every other aspect of the camera (with grip) is exactly what I want in a daily shooter. So much photographic happiness for < $1,000. 

Tonight I go back to photograph the full dress rehearsal and I'm very excited to see Zach's version of "A Christmas Carol" again. They have re-invented a hoary classic and made it accessible and fun, all without diluting the wonderful message of hope and re-birth that runs through the play. Tonight I get to see it with different cameras and with Belinda by my side. Nice working conditions. Thankful for good clients.