R.L. Color Portrait. Sony+Rokinon

©2016 Kirk Tuck.

You never stop interpreting your files. What you see the next day is colored by whatever you did and thought in the intervening time. I come back to files again and again, not to build to the "ultimate" image but to see how life changes my perceptions of what makes a strong image and what doesn't. Every image is a moving target.


Wolfgang Lonien said...

So true. And a wonderful portrait.

Mike Rosiak said...

Channeling Ansel Adams ... the print is the performance.

Kurt Friis Hansen said...

As usual, I couldn't have said it better myself.

Gato said...

Great photo, good thoughts.

First thing that hit me was a sense of time and questions about her story. I've often thought about how some photos suggest stories (and lately been reading some of Molitor's thoughts along that line.) This one does it for me.