Thanks for reading! Have a great Thanksgiving and use your weekend off to make some great art with your camera.

©2016 Kirk Tuck. From Zach Theatre's Production of, "A Christmas Carol." 

click on the photograph to see it bigger and nicer.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful tonalities. Masterful composition. The exact, decisive moment. Bravo.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kirk,

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!! And thank you for sharing your incredible insights with us all! I will be reading them all, your blog is something to be thankful for!

Best Regards,

Michael Matthews said...

The best of wishes to you and yours. If business in Austin goes into a major slowdown between now and the first of the year, as it does in many places, let your throughts drift toward Henry White in the colder reaches of Russia. The New Year could use a good-read pick-me-up.

Ken said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Kirk.

Mike Rosiak said...

There's something special about black and white.

Hope your Thanksgiving was a day of peace, and with family.