Revisiting one of my favorite posts from the first year of the blog: 2009.


A really good article on making and using presets in Adobe Lightroom Classic.

 David Farkas, part of the braintrust at Leica Store Miami, wrote a really good and really understandable article on making and using presets for cameras. He published it a while back on Reddotforum.com

I re-read it yesterday as I wanted to fine tune some presets I've been using for various Leica bodies. 

But this is not something exclusive to Leica gear. It works for all cameras. You can fine tune the typical settings you use for a camera, as a starting point, and create an individual preset for that camera. You can apply the preset to all files at an import or selectively apply the preset onto individual photos. 

Here's a link to the article: https://www.reddotforum.com/content/2020/04/lightroom-presets-for-leica-cameras/

I made presets yesterday for the SL2, the SLs, the CLs and the TL2. Should save me some time and effort when importing big folders full of images. At least it gives me a better starting point than the Adobe Default. 

Pool full of potential happiness.

Leica CL camera. Sigma 18-50mm lens.