A Nod to Going Wider and Working in Dedicated Black and White.


Okay. I couldn't help myself. It's red. All red.

All photos done with the Leica CL and the 17mm f1.4 TTArtisan lens. Nice for working the streets.


Eric Rose said...

Number two is my favorite. Glad to see you having fun!

JimR 'Longviewer' said...

OK I'm persuaded. I have always liked B&W images but have never fine-tuned a monochrome style - and with many cameras offering three or more presets (plus a dozen filters) it can be paralyzing. Time for me to bracket some greyscale, toy with contrast and grain, and settle down.
Tomorrow, of course.

adam said...

I had a little go at converting an image to BW the other day, was fun, I turned it into a 1 bit bitmap for mono laser printer, I wanted to try the dithering instead of halftones, I have some printing to do later so I'll perhaps try one. Looking at daido moriyamas bw stuff i got to thinking well i could just reduce this down to a few tones (posterise), whack up the contrast and it'd look similar, I really like his stuff printed on glossy paper, those rich blacks

Someone devised a dithering method for colour printing maybe 30 years ago, I remember reading about it, can't see any options for it in my software sadly, the promise was that the irregular flecked pattern was more flexible than halftones so would allow for more tonal whats the word, nuance, there's no technical reason for people to be using halftones now, it's an emulation of an old technique

C. Kurt Holter said...

Nice set of pictures.