Craftsy.com classes on Sale for Black Friday. Many of the most Popular Photography classes offered for less than $20..

I am an instructor for the online learning site, Craftsy.com. My classes are about casual family photography and studio portraits. They are basic courses and I loved teaching them, but there are many other great classes about photography, lighting, post production and more that you may be interested. Go to this link: Special Holiday Sale to see a list of great classes by well known instructors!

Craftsy.com is a great way for people to learn more about stuff they love. The classes are online video programs. Once you buy a program you have access to it pretty much forever. The classes last between two and three hours and you can go back over information again and again. If you have questions there is a private forum for each class in which you can ask the instructor directly for clarification or more information. If you sign up for a class and you aren't happy with it you'll be happy to know that there's a money back guarantee. In short, it's a fun, risk free way to learn by watching instead of just reading. 

If you use this link: Kirk's Holiday Link you'll have access to hundreds of classes under $20. In the interest of full disclosure you should know that I will also get a small payment from Craftsy.com if you sign up for any class. It will make me smile. 

The weather is turning colder. I've already watched just about everything I'm interested in on Netflix. At least if I'm watching a video on better lighting or more efficient post production I'm getting educated while being entertained. And if you are a professional making $$$ from this business you can probably write off the cost of the course from your taxes (check with your tax professional to see if this applies to your situation...). That's the end of my sales pitch. Now we'll get back to our usual programming....

Jana having fun on second street. Austin, Texas. Canon 5d2, 100mm f2.0.

Happy Holidays to everyone!