Shooting waste water treatment plants. Always nice when the sky cooperates.

In the early days of digital photography we were using the Fuji S2 for a while. It was a weird but wonderful camera with a sensor that did some sort of parlor trick to make its 6 megapixel sensor speak 12 megapixel. I liked it's color and skin tone rendering very much. I didn't like the combination of proprietary AND double "A" batteries in tandem. It seemed like the batteries were on alternating schedules and something was always being replaced.

One day we went on an annual report shoot with these cameras. I'd been hoping that the new (at that time) Nikon 12-24mm lens would arrive before I left and I got the phone call from my lens merchant just a few hours before the flight. The lens came in quite handy. The images looked great, even as 16x24 inch prints on the walls of the company's HQ. Guess the primitive nature of the tools was not enough to hamper our ability to do the work.

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