A totally different look from the last blog post of the same "A Christmas Carol" production only in this scene they are rocking some gospel music.


Note to VSL readers. I'm heading off to New Jersey and will be gone from Austin until Friday evening. I'm not taking a laptop or an iPad with me, only a phone so there won't be any new blogs up until Saturday morning, the 5th of December. (No, there's no way I'll be typing anything on my iPhone! Thanks, but no...

I'm looking forward to the job and even the travel.

There are currently 2620 blog posts on this blog so I'm pretty sure you'll be able to find something fun to read --- if the spirit moves you.

Please check back with us on Saturday. Hopefully I will have my platinum level blogging powers fully recharged and ready to dive back into writing about the world of photography.

Thanks for being here.



  1. Have a safe trip and lots of fun!


  2. Thanks. I'm well packed and provisioned. Love parachuting into a new business and working with an ad agency to visually brand them. See you guys on Saturday!

  3. The link to the Zach Theater site proved very interesting. It's unusual for an organization like this to include in its About section an explanation titled "Who Was Zachary Scott" that is something other than a gushing glorification.

    Of course, I'm old enough to remember Zachary Scott as an actor in westerns. Kids of my era spent a lot of Saturday mornings going to movies. Westerns were main course, the cartoons merely an appetizer.

    Mark Lisheron's story is worth reading.


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