Image of Roderick Sanford as Jacob Marley in Zach's "this is not your parents' A Christmas Carol" Christmas Carol.

Harvey GuiĆ³n as Scrooge (left) and Roderick Sanford as Jacob Marley in 
"A Christmas Carol" at Zach Theatre. 


As we get into the holiday season I just couldn't resist this image of Rod as Marley. The costume is incredible. This is NOT a "dinner theater" version of the Dickens play but a rock infested, high energy, fun play for everyone.

I shot this from about fifteen rows away from the stage with a Nikon D810 and the ancient (but wonderful) Nikon 80-200mm f2.8 zoom. That lens is nice enough at 3.5 to keep me from wanting to spend +$2,000 on the 70-200mm VR2 lens.

You've got to love the hair...

Shot during dress rehearsal with audience in house. 
The D810 is quiet enough as long as you aren't sitting
right next to someone or right behind someone...

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Michael Matthews said...

"You've got to love the hair" -- a triumph in coping with theatrical lighting and movement.