When I picked up my Sony A7R2 I also felt compelled to buy the APS-C 50mm f1.8 E Series lens. A treat for my a6300. Now I remember why...


I have recently embarked on the fool's errand we also call, redesigning my website. In the course of getting started I put together a list of seemingly rational steps. One of the first things on the list was to gather together suitable visual assets to place in galleries on the new website. I was looking mostly for work done in the last three years.  

This little task had me going through scores of galleries in Lightroom to find the images that may not have been selected for self-promotion due to over sight or over work at the time of their creation. Although I am looking mostly for photographs of people I occasionally come across images like the napkin in the previous post, or these lovely parfait glasses on a bar. I toss them into the folder with everything else, not necessarily because I will use them for the website but because they stimulate something in my "looking" gland that makes my eyes happy. Maybe it's eye cortisol. 

At any rate, to tie back to the blog headline, I had forgotten that I had previously owned a sample of the 50mm f1.8 E Series lens for the cropped frame Nex cameras and, by evidence of my archives, I seem to have enjoyed pressing it into service quite often. With a credit at my camera store and an active subconscious I swept a copy of the lens back into my sphere of photography. There are quite a number of images in my files that were taken with that lens on the front of both the Nex-6 and the Nex-7. The image above was done during a food shoot at a nice restaurant. The Nex-7 and the 50mm were constant companions at the time, even though we photographed the food with a different combination of camera and lens. 

I'm happy to have one again. It plays well with the new cameras, and, I assume it will work on the A7R2 in a cropped mode...

Click and make big to see what the fuss is about.

"Sometimes a napkin is just a napkin." Sigmund Freud. (Maybe...).


Sixth Street in Austin Texas. Always a treat on a cloudy Saturday afternoon...