Film Cameras in the wild. Extra points for dragging around a 6x7cm medium format camera AND a spot meter!!!

Photographer at the Graffiti Wall. Austin, Texas

I was walking back to my car from Eeyore's Birthday Party today and I made a slight detour just to see what might be happening at the Hope Outdoor Gallery (aka: the Graffiti Wall). Attendance was sparse but there was one person who caught my eye. She was grappling with a medium format Mamiya camera and had a spot meter tucked under her left arm. I remember those cameras well. I don't know anything about the photographer but I'll say this, she must have an above average level of determination to continue working on location with all six pounds of camera, and ten shots on a roll...


Noons said...

and 80 Mpixel frames as a result, with a good scanner!
(still use mine from time to time, mostly with Ilford XP2)

Herman said...

Hi Kirk,

I remember that camera, I had and used* one for years.
I did have the handle with trigger, which turned it from a brick into a brick with a handle, made a world of difference.

Unfortunately I got rid of it since it really wasn't suitable for my type of photography. Still, it is a lovely reassuringly solid brick of a camera.

*) Intended to use really, it really is a big heavy thing to drag around.

Art in LA said...

Why the spot meter? Sunny 16, baby!

Dave Jenkins said...

The RB67 was my studio camera through most of the '90s, while the Pentax 6x7 was my field camera. I liked them both, especially as alternatives to my 4x5 Cambo. I did some architectural work with the 50mm lens on the Mamiya, but my favorite lens was the 45mm Pentax. I still miss that Pentax. Probably got a higher percentage of keepers with that camera than any other I've ever owned.