Since my schedule is uncooperative for writing this week I've been posting some favorite, older posts. Here's one about making more interesting photos. From 2012.


How to shoot far more interesting photographs...

(consumer camera.  consumer lens.  continuous light.)

The only way to shoot more interesting photographs is to become a more interesting person.

And, how do you do that?

Listen more, talk less.

Travel more.

Eat stuff you never tried before.

Go some place scary.

Make friends with people who are smarter than you.

Make friends with people who are actors, artist and musicians.

Change your habits.

Read more novels.

Read more poems.  (Try Billy Collins...or Wallace Stevens.)

Go to museums. Look at the art.

Go to  art galleries.

Go to a mosque.  Go to a church or go to a synagog.  Go to a house of worship that's not your current brand.  

Learn new stuff from your kids.

Pick a place that's one tank of gas away and go there.

Go on a life threatening adventure.

Spend a month on a cargo ship.  Or a fishing boat.

Take naps in the middle of the day and stay up all night.

Try your hand at abstract painting.

Date your wife.  Or husband.

Change political parties for a while.

Put down your cameras until you really learn how to tell interesting stories.

Become a more interesting person and you'll take more interesting photographs.  Really.

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amolitor said...

This is such a great concept.

When I lived in San Francisco, I was surrounded by a lot of young technologists who were desperate to become interesting people. They took up juggling, burlesque dance, blowing giant bubbles in the park, drum circles, all that sort of hipster/neo-hippie stuff. Of course, they also wore ridiculous clothes and spent too much time thinking about Burning Man.

None of it worked, they were the same shallow idiots they were when they started, because they weren't engaged. They weren't interested in other people, other things. They didn't spend enough effort to get particularly good at anything except at being hipsters. They were, ultimately, interested exclusively in themselves and in making themselves into an interesting and desirable person, a combination that cannot lead to success.

If you want to be an interesting person, step one is to be interested.