Stabilized video camera rig at Eeyore's Birthday Party, in Pease Park. Getting technical and meeting woman at 24 fps...

Eeyore's Birthday Party has been around for a good, long while and though the drumming and face painting continues a lot of things have changed. In years long past one saw lots of Nikon and Canon cameras over peoples' shoulders, now they've been replaced mostly by phones and new school videography. As the drummers get older they have started erecting tents to ward off the sun; unfortunately, they crowd together under the tents and this takes away any inner circle area for free spirited dancing. This year there were two drum tents and no dancers. First time ever.

There were still Austin hippies of various ages, smoking dope on the hills. There was still a Maypole with children spinning around underneath. Lots and lots of tie-dye,  but the ever growing sea of vendor stalls (which sell food, beer and lemonade to raise funds for local charities) is spreading like tacky suburbs around a once hip city core, and trampling the inherent coolness of the festival.

All at once it felt like just an open field with a whole lot of disassociated people all trying to act as those they were doing something really, really fun, alone together. But mostly the crowd just spent time milling around with a beer in one hand and a phone in the other.

I guess it's the way of all city expansions. Something lost and, maybe, something gained...

Little more to photograph here. All done.

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