A Production Photo from "Singin' in the Rain." Directed by Abe Reybold for Zach Theatre.

GH5 + Olympus 40-150mm Pro Lens.

 I was looking for this photograph after a friend of mine (once again) said that one couldn't really do professional work with a GH5 camera. I laughed as I made a living one year bouncing back and forth between a Panasonic GH5 and an Olympus EM5 mk2. 

Perhaps I should also send him the photo below for those times when he "instructs" me that no micro four thirds cameras can be shot at any ISO above 800 without horrendous noise and lack of sharpness. 

Leslie Anne Leal as the "Queen" in "Narnia"
A kid's production at Zach Theatre.
GH5 at 3200 ISO.