Snow Day in Austin, Texas. We got something like 5 inches of snow. It was pretty cool till the power went out.


So. It snowed. And snowed. The trees bent over and fouled some power lines. Everywhere across the city. 

Then the power went out. We thought it would come back on in minutes. Nine hours later it was dark and we 

were starting to feel the temperatures  in the house drop. I brought in a couple of big, battery powered LED 

panels for the living room and dining room. Smaller panels for bathrooms and the kitchen. 

We have a gas range so Ben was able to make his fantastic curry beef recipe (served over rice). 

About an hour after dinner was served, eaten and cleared we were on the cusp of getting the Scrabble game 

down from the closet when the power came back on. Belinda was disappointed that our enthusiasm for 

board games immediately vanished but Ben and I were thrilled to be re-connected to the world through

the miracle of fiber optics.

I know our experience is extremely anticlimactic for our friends who live in the Northern climes but it was 

a change for us. We have winter clothing but no flame throwers, automatic bonfire makers, no Krups hot 

chocolate machines, etc. We don't even have engine block heaters! Can you imagine our primitive existence?

On a happier note, the pool is still heated at precisely 82° Fahrenheit, the coffee shops have dug themselves

out of the snow drifts and opened the doors, and it should be back in the 70's by Thursday. 

The top link will show you how hard it was coming down. The bottom link: https://vimeo.com/499343411 is just a 

bit of footage out in the neighborhood.

Hope all my friends up North don't have to deal with this often, the touch screens really slow down when the

temperatures drop....