Got some color from Monday's late afternoon walk with the Sigma fp and the Carl Zeiss 50mm f1.7. Thought it was nice.

A last look at downtown's edge before getting back in my car and heading home.
Low light, hand held. Happiness.


Anonymous said...

Considering that one can pick up the Contax Y/C 50mm f1.7 for around $150 and an adapter for your camera for about $50 how would you rate this lens against the 50mm Panasonic lens ($2200) you bought? Almost as good?

Inquiring Minds

Kirk Tuck, Photographer/Writer said...

Hmmm. Interesting question. Since I have both and keep carrying this one around it's a muddled choice for me. I can say that the 50mm Panasonic for the L series is wicked sharp, even wide open, and it's optically really striking, I think, in retrospect I would have been wiser to stick with the Contax 50 and to have bought some shares of Apple stock at the time... sniff.

Seriously though, I love the files from the Panasonic and, like the other Panasonic lenses I own, its size and weight put it in the category of "lenses used for demanding clients" while I put the Contax lens in the category of, "What a bright, fun and small lens to use while walking around. How surprisingly good it is at f2.8 on down to 16."

The horrifying privilege of having both comes with the nervous paralysis of constantly having to chose between them.

pixtorial said...

Lovely photos, love the way both you and the Sigma combo "see" color out there. As a former Sigma Foveon shooter, it is interesting to me that this Bayer sensor camera has that "Foveon" look to it in terms of color. Shows that part of the supposed "magic" of the Foveon sensor was more about Sigma's color science than the sensor technology itself.

karmagroovy said...

Love the 13th (second to the last) shot. This "urban abstract" with a focus on shapes, balance and contrast is a nice change from the realistic architectural fare that you usually post. Looking forward to seeing more like it!

Andrew Lamb said...

Very nice indeed. Am particularly fond of the one of the table and chairs. That, for me, is lovely.

I am sorely tempted by the Sigma FP and your photos are making matters worse. Thanks!

MikeR said...

Very nice.

I'm tempted to unearth my Contax 50mm with adapter, slap it onto my GX8, and go out for a few evening walks ... to see what happens.