The anxious anticipation of having to change ISPs. The universe likes to create busy work for us sometimes.


The universe likes to wait until my life is motoring along on an even keel before shaking things up again. 

I've used the same internet service provider to host my website and handle my email since the mid-1990s. It was one thing I never had to dwell on. I'd send along a check once a year, in January, and then spend the rest of the year happily sending stuff out and peeking from time to time at my website (always thinking that I should re-design it again...). Occasionally something would go wrong with my e-mail but it usually turned out to be something I had done to muddle up the settings. One or two calls to the ISP's service people (yes! real people on the phone, located here in Austin!) and everything would roll right back to normal. 

But at the start of June I got an email from the business owner telling me that they were exiting the business; shutting down at the end of the month. And that left me terrified. I haven't had to learn anything about the back end of email or hosting for.....decades. 

As with most uncomfortable things I have been procrastinating about the change for the better part of two weeks. Today I decided to confront my fears and transition my website and mail to a new provider. 

I assembled my password notebooks, backed all kinds of crap up, read everything I could about IMAP mail and POP3 mail and making transitions. The whole process took about.... one hour. Everything checks in well. The site is live. The transition is in a state of orderly transition and I'm on to the next project. 

Worry is a price you pay for something you may never get. 

Topics coming up: 

An argument against the idea that all smaller than full frame formats are destined to die soon. 

A long form review of the Panasonic GH6 as an all around hybrid camera. 

Thoughts about Leica's retreat from the CL and TL APS-C systems. 

And, if I make it through the week, a few observations from three different photo shoots. Two with people and one with seafood. 

And, an admission that my optimistic estimate of the Fed's interest rate was wrong. They sprang for the whole enchilada. Why not just make it a full point and be done for the year....?