Woke up in a weird mood and went eccentric on my camera and lens choices today. But it was....fun.


I took the day off from everything today. Slept in. Skipped swim practice (there will be hell to pay!). Ate a late breakfast. Rummaged through the gear and decided to spend my late morning and early afternoon moseying around downtown and S. Congress Ave. with what might seem like an odd combination; a Leica CL camera and the intriguing Sigma 65mm f2.0 Contemporary lens. The "equivalent" focal length in 35mm-speak would be about 97mm, so a delicious short telephoto length, which seemed just right for a gray and plodding day. 

I've enjoyed using the lens in the past on full frame and thought it would be a hoot to use it wide open for most of my downtown dalliance. I did get conservative a time or two and stop down to f2.8.

It was a long walk in new hiking boots. A bit dumb. My two outside toes on my left foot were screaming by the time I got back to the high performance studio limo (Subaru Forster). 

The CL is not optimized for the Sigma 65mm, or vice versa, so when you mount the lens and turn on the camera you get a message warning you that the battery meter/indicator/scale will not be accurate and this implies that the combo will burn through batteries quicker...than a bunny. (Couldn't help it...).

I banged away for about three hours with one battery but when the battery tossed in the towel I thought the timing was fortuitous and decided to toss mine in as well. 

Stepping out of character I brought along extra stuff. Not that I ever used it or needed it. But I wasn't sure I'd be happy shooting everything at the long end. I've been getting used to the 28mm lens on the Q2 and bouncing up to a 97mm I thought would be a bit jarring. So I took along a very small backpack packed with a lightweight rain jacket, a handkerchief, an extra hat, my phone (weird to carry that around !!!), a Sigma fp with a Voigtlander 40mm, a Sigma 35mm f2.0 and a Sigma 24mm f3.5. Some bail money...just in case. My Kershaw Leek, Black Wash pocketknife, and my copy of NWP 3.05.2 Naval Special Warfare SEAL Tactics guidebook. Just for some light reading --- if I had to wait on my coffee order. 

I didn't use anything in the backpack but it was nice to know everything I might need was close at hand.

This was basically a day for just getting out and walking with the idea of testing the CL+65mm thrown in as an afterthought.  Still, it was really nice to see how well the Sigma and the Leica played together. It's a great combination for portraits in the APS-C format. I'll need to remember that. 

Electric Scooter Tours. A motley crew today...

checking out the blue response. Not bad. Not bad.

I like most bandit posters that get put up around town.
This one got plastered on a wall at the building that my favorite ad agency, Hixo, used to 
occupy. And a runner up agency after that, The Sherry Matthews Agency. 
Now purchased by someone else and empty. 
No idea who Annie Bing is but not motivated to Google it...

A big thank you to the Yeti store on Congress at Riverside 
for the generous use of their well appointed and sparkling clean 
restroom facilities. And a clean mirror with which to facilitate 
selfie-izing myself. Nice hat.

There were two lines at this location today.
One was waiting to do photographs in front of the "I love you so much" 
grafitti on the wall of Jo's Coffee. 
The bigger line was actually for Jo's Coffee. 

Yes. Jo's Coffee. To go. 

One bystander who found both the coffee enthusiasm and the adoration of wall
grafitti a bit boring... Ready to go do something else....

Selling hats from the back of an old 1969 Chevy pick-up truck. 

Cyclist not looking at the camera.
Cyclist looking at the camera. 

The human fetish for offering strange dogs their hands...

Crossing the bridge over the lake/river that separates downtown from S. Austin.

Angle one. 

Angle two. 

Yes. Of course. Austin is known for the healthy habits of the inhabitants...

Practicing self surveillance. Hard to run an SDR on yourself...

An exceptionally stupid shot in which I try to make the idea of the closest work light being in focus and everything else out of focus seem somehow interesting and poignant. And failing miserably.

Last shot of the day. Why this? Because I think the 65mm was begging for a chance to show me
how much better it is than the other less stellar lenses I've used to photograph exactly the same scene and so that some critic can chime in and tell me he hates my abandoned building shots. 

Can't wait to pillory the perpetrator. 

And that's the afternoon in a nutshell. 

The cure for sore feet? slip into your Birkenstocks and become 
painfree in moments. Wear them with socks to torment 
the fashion fixated.