Theater Portrait. Square.

See the two notches on the left side of the frame? The ones in the black frame line? That means this image was shot with a Hasselblad film camera. And the notches are specific to a particular camera back. That way, if a back developed an issue, like a faulty light trap, it would be easy for the photographer to know which back was messed up. Nice.

I really like the tonality of scanned black and white negatives.... This was scanned in the little Epson flatbed scanner (perfection v500 photo) that sits on my desk.


rickster said...


Are you using the Epson V500's MF holder for scanning, or did you get an "improved" holder? They sure look nice :)



Kirk Tuck said...

Hi Rick. It's just the stock holder. It seems to work really well. Can't believe all the use I've gotten from this scanner. Especially considering the price...

Linda Yuill said...

I really like this photo. So many of your film shots are as good as any of the digital shots you take these days. I know the digital stuff allows you to do more, such as video. But film equipment was just as capable of taking good stills as the latest umpteen megapixel electronic "wonder" being peddled these days.

Looking at your very-nice medium-format film scans, if the V500 could scan my collection 4x5 transparencies and negs I'd probably break down and get one.